Hi, I am Linnea!

My name is Linnea Louise Bure Ellefsen. I am from Norway and have been proudly calling Australia home the last year. Currently, I am a graduate from Griffith University Gold Coast, where I majored in Interior and Spatial Design. I was honoured to be one of the top 5% that got rewarded the Griffith academic excellence award across the whole university consisting of 55 000 students.
I am driven to push boundaries and create unique, inspiring spaces using my endless creativity. My values include Love, Curiosity, Playfulness, and Nature, and I strive to incorporate them in every project I undertake.
My passion lies in designing with a focus on commercial, residential and hospitality spaces that are not just functional but also beautiful and enjoyable.
I believe that good design can evoke emotions and connect people all over the world. I especially find value in biophilic and inclusive design – drawing inspiration from nature and ensuring everyone feels welcome. 
I am a born creative and have always chosen the artsy way, an example of that is that I specialised in flower decoration in high school. I love to push boundaries and show creativity in every project.
Join me as I embark on my journey through the world of design , as I strive to create inclusive and impactful projects! 

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