Imagine entering a time capsule, stepping inside this hotel you go both back and forth in time. With the rich, deep, muddy colours this hotel makes you feel as if you are in another time and space than when you looked at the building from the outside. Everywhere your eye goes it land on something more interesting than the moment before. It is all a piece of art. It feels out of earth ut at the same time it feels safe and fun. This space makes you want to explore the many features of the hotel.This space is where 1970 meets 2170. 
Location: Hotel Norge, Bergen (Norway)
Timeframe: 4 weeks

The chosen materials and products makes the space feel like you're stuck in the 70s spaceage.
For this project the materials was in focus, from the sharp, rippling steel ceiling to the dusty green carpet. 
Materials have a big impact on how the space is perceived.
Rounded shapes softens the room.

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